1. Be respectful and courteous to your fellow players.
      1. Trolling in any form is not tolerated.
      2. Do not grief other players, harass other players, or spam the chat.
      3. Do not impersonate any other player, especially the staff.
      4. Most players speak English. You should keep to that language in the chat.

    2. Although PVP is enabled in most of the world, it is not allowed unless all parties consent.
      1. Killing another player in self defence is okay if someone attacks you, but keeping their items is considered stealing. PVP is disabled at /spawn. You can give their items back there, or put it in a chest at one of the warps.
    3. Do not ask moderators for items, experience points, or teleports, unless it is to accommodate for losses due to a bug or grief.
    4. Respect your role on the server. If you have more abilities than others (i.e. donor perks), use them to help other players, not to flaunt your power over them.

    1. Do not misuse the servers features, or create builds that lag the entire server. This includes:
      1. Enormous redstone builds. If your build is found to be putting a severe load on the server, a moderator may disable or destroy it.
      2. Large amounts of creatures concentrated in a small area. Your farm doesn't need 9,000 chickens in it. If they're lagging the server or your neighbors, They All Must Be Slaughtered.
    2. Client mods that do not require any special server behavior are generally allowed.
      Mods such as x-ray, flight, or other mods that attempt to automate client behavior are not allowed.
      Minimaps, radar, and build overlay mods are allowed.
    3. If an exploit is found, report it. Abusing any exploit is considered cheating and most exploits violate the ToS.

    1. You may build in any area, as long as that area does not already belong to somebody else. Some people like having a lot of neighbors, other people like to live alone. This should be common sense / common courtesy, but you should always ask before you build something right beside their builds, or on top of their builds!
      1. Other players' builds are their own, you may not interfere with them unless given permission. Don't modify or attempt to complete another player's build, unless they give you permission.
      Builds may be owned or controlled by multiple players. Even whole areas controlled by a group, such as towns, forts, cities, etc. Incidentally, they will be managed by certain players. You must ask them if you can build there and they can decide if or what you can build there. If you find an area/town owned by another player/group, ask for their permission to build there before you just move in.
    2. Aesthetic is somewhat important on this server. When new players join the server, they probably aren't going to want to see a town that looks like somebody pooped all over it. You should at least try to make the place look nice. Generally this matters less if your build is far away (tip: if you pillar up and can't see the warp or anyone else's builds, you're probably free to do whatever). But when building in areas close to others builds, or near the warps, consider that:
      1. Large or tall builds should tend to be farther away from other builds, especially the warps.
      2. Very minor, especially ugly builds (i.e. 3x3 dirt shacks) may be destroyed if they are very close to other players' builds or to the warps.
      3. If you build a giant 1x1 pillar into the sky to look around, take it down again when you're done with it. And don't log out on top of it, in case someone else takes it down for you!
      4. Chop down the whole tree, not just the trunk.
    3. Large redstone builds and mob grinders all must have an off switch. "Off" is constituted as follows:
      1. Spawners stop spawning. Water is best used for dark-room mob farms. Light is best used for spawner grinders.
      2. Redstone stops doing whatever it's doing. Timers and clocks stop moving, and pistons stop firing.
      3. See also: Server Rule 1.2.