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Q: How do I connect to the server?
A: Just like it says up at the top of this page, the server address is: minecraft.chiptuneswin.com
Q: How do I color my name?
A: Donate.
Q: What is there to do on the server? Are there mini-games?
A: MineWIN is a survival server. You mine, you craft, and you build, just the way Notch intended. There might eventually be an Adventure world to play in, but no promises yet.
Q: What can I build? Where can I build?
A: In general, you can build almost anything you want, almost anywhere you want. Go to one of the warps, find a location you like, and build in it. Or find a friend to build with, or a town that wants new residents. Check the rules for more information.

Player Commands

A complete list of commands available to players, and a brief explanation of what they do.
<parameter>: Required command parameters.
[parameter]: Option command parameters.

Commands accessible to all players

Aliases: away
Mark yourself as AFK.
Players who are AFK are frozen in place, and cannot be pushed or attacked by players or monsters. You must use the /afk command, or speak in chat, to leave AFK mode (jumping may also work).
Players who remain AFK for over 3 hours are automatically kicked offline.

/dynmap show
/dynmap hide
Show or hide your position on the server DynMap.

Aliases: coords, position, whereami, getlocation, getloc
Displays your current coordinate location in the world.

/help [searchterm] [page #]

Displays a list of commands that is inferior to this list.

/helpop <message>
Aliases: amsg, ac
Send a message (usually requesting assistance) to any online server staff members.

/sethome [homename]
Aliases: homeset
Set a home point at the current location. If no [homename] is entered, your default home will be set.
Normal players can set up to 3 homes. Donators can set 5. Subscribers can set 10.

/home [homename]
Aliases: hoem, hom, homw, hme, hmoe
Teleport to your specified home. If no [homename] is entered, you will be teleported to your default home.

Aliases: homes
Lists all of your set homes.

/homedelete [homename]
Aliases: deletehome
Deletes the specified home. If no [homename] is entered, your default home will be deleted.

/ignore <player>
Ignore a player; This command allows you to block the chat, mail, and teleport requests of the specified player.
Using the command will add or remove the specified player from your ignore list.
You cannot ignore staff members.

Command aliases: who, playerlist, online, plist
Lists the current online player list, and gives the server slot/load count.

/lockette fix
Occasionally a door protected with Lockette and using the <timer> function might glitch into the open position, instead of closing automatically like it should. Use this command while looking at the offending door to return it to its proper position.

/mail [read|clear|send [to] [message]]
Aliases: email
Allows you to send & receive mail from other players on the server. Used for messaging players who are offline. 

/me <emote message>
Aliases: action, describe
This command mimic's IM's /me command, allowing players to perform an action.
e.g.: pixiedruid yawns

Displays the message of the day, the message which is always displayed when you first join the server, which contains current news.

/msg <player> <message>
Aliases: tell, m, t, whisper
Send a private message to another player.

/r <message>
Aliases: reply
Quickly reply to the player who most recently private messaged you.


/rules [page #]
Display the rules, though they are detailed better on this site.


Teleports you to spawn.

KYS yourself.

/tpa <player to teleport TO>
Aliases: call, tpask
Asks the specified player if you can teleport to them.

/tpahere <player to teleport TO YOU>
Asks the specified player to accept teleportation to your location.

/tpaccept [player]
Aliases: tpyes
Accept a /tpa request.

Aliases: tpno
Deny a /tpa request.

/tptoggle [player]
Toggles whether or not you will receive teleport requests.

Commands accessible to donators only

Warp to the creative world.

/lb me
Shows you a statistical view of your block changes.

Aliases: nearbybr>List the players who are nearby.

/realname <player>
Allows you to lookup a player's real username if they are using a nickname.

/seen <player>
Check when a player was last online.


Aliases: ;
Stacks items in your inventory into piles, up to the max size for the item. Handy for sorting a messy inventory.

/region info
Retrieves information about your protected area, when applicable. The information shown includes: shape, priority, flag values, parent, owners, members, bounding box.

/region addmember <region-name> <player>
/region removemember <region-name> <player>

Adds or removes the specified player from a specified protected region you own.

/region addowner <region-name> <player>
/region removeowner <region-name> <player>
Adds or removes the specified player from a specified protected region you own.

Also included, but not specifically commands:

Dynmap sign markers:
Create map markers using specially labeled signs. The first line of the sign must be [dynmap]. After that, any non-blank line will be included in the label of the marker, except for lines formatted as icon:<icon-id> (which allows the marker to be set to use a specific icon - if not specified, the icon sign is used. A list of available icons can be found here). If the marker is successfully created, the sign's text will erase the [dynmap] and icon: lines. If the sign is later deleted, the corresponding map marker is also deleted.

Donators also have permission to enter URLs in chat and in private messages.

Donators may also send private messages to multiple players at once (though I have not tested this myself!).

For donators, cooldown time for /home use is reduced to 30 seconds (from default of 60).

Commands accessible to VIP donors only

Aliases: return
Return to your last position from a prior teleport or death point.

Aliases: echest, ec
Open your ender chest without needing a physical ender chest.

Open trails menu GUI to select your own custom particle trails.

Aliases: wb, wbench
Opens up a workbench GUI without needing a physical workbench.

Also included, but not specifically commands:

Subscribers may also color and format their chat messages and private messages. A list of color and format codes can be found here. The codes go directly before the part of the message you wish to color or format.