Donating helps keep the server alive and improving!

Standard Donators ($5+)
- Gold colored name.
- Small protected area.
- Black Market access.
- Creative world access.
- Shorter /home cooldown.
- Set up to 5 homes with /sethome (Non-donators get 3).
- Create Dynmap sign markers.
VIP Donators ($50+)
- Custom colored name, and/or custom nickname.
- Big protected area.
- Much shorter /home cooldown.
- Set up to 10 homes with /sethome.
- Purchase house/shop plots in Spawn Town.
- Get a picture uploaded as a map.
- Workbench and Ender Chest by command.
- Access to /back command.

Colored names:

Standard donors will have their names switched to a gold color.

VIP donors will have gold as default, but can opt to change it to another color.

VIP color options include: Dark green, light green, gold, dark grey, light grey, blue, yellow, light purple, aqua, dark red, red, dark aqua, dark purple, dark blue, black.  You can also split your name into however many colors you wish, even if you want every letter to be a separate color. You can also have your name be bold, but not italic (italic is for staff only!).

Protected areas:

A protection is a zone where only people on a specific list can modify the blocks and entities within. Depending on what donation tier you fit into, you have the option of getting protection upon an area of various sizes, with the area being larger for each tier. There's no firmly set limits, but if you want a reference, here's a rough idea of area size -- small, medium, and large -- in terms of square meters:

There's various cases where these limits do not apply. If your build is very close to other people, or very close to one of the warps, you can't have quite so big an area protected. If your area is very far away from everything, it can be even larger. You've got a bigger chance for a big protection the further away you live from other people.

In addition to disallowing unlisted players from modifying anything within your area, when requesting an area protection, here are a few optional flags you can choose to have set:
- No PVP
- No mob-spawning (both hostile and friendly; no mobs whatsoever can spawn inside the area)
- Greeting / Farewell Messages ("Hello you have entered so-and-so's lovely farm enjoy ur stay")
- Deny entry (Completely prevent unlisted players from even entering the area)
- No ender pearl teleporting
- No snow/ice form/melt

Use this form to request to have your area protected.

Black market access:

The black market is a hidden store within the /spawn area that sells a few hard-to-get items, or even impossible-to-get items.
Items may include things such as mob-spawn eggs, sponges, name tags, enchanted books, special custom gear...

Creative world access:

Access to a free-build creative-mode flat-world. Access via the command /c.

Shorter /home cooldown:

By default, the cooldown between uses of the /home command will be 60 seconds, to prevent players from cheaty-spamming it. Donors can have this cooldown time reduced.
Standard Donors: 30 sec
VIP Donors: 10 sec

Extra /home slots:

By default, you can set up to 3 homes. Donors can have more! The home limit applies globally to all worlds on our server.
Standard Donors: 5 total homes
VIP Donors: 10 total homes


Have your display name, as it appears in the chat, changed to whatever you want it to be. This has no effect on the name that appears above your character's head.

Get a picture uploaded as a map:

Request to have a picture that you have permission to use (such as your logo or album artwork) imported into the game as a Minecraft map item. Click here for an example.
You'll get a set of copies to either put in item frames, keep, or give to your friends. Note that your picture will be scaled down to 256x256, so try it yourself to see if it looks good in that size. Also note that sometimes, maps just want to look terrible for no reason, but I'll try to make sure it looks good. :v

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