Minecraft.ChiptunesWIN.com, also known as Minecraft = WIN or MineWIN, is a semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server that was created for members of the Chiptunes = WIN music community as well as all fans of chiptune music, but we welcome everyone, regardless of musical taste. :3

The Chiptunes = WIN Minecraft server was originally founded in November 2014. It ran until July of 2016 before being forced to take a hiatus, and returned in July of 2017. The Chiptunes = WIN Minecraft server offers a mostly vanilla Minecraft experience, with a few tweaks and plugins added for convenience and security.

The server is administrated by pixie druid, and has been operating since November of 2014. Prior to running the ChipWIN server, pixie also hosted a Minecraft server for BOSTON8BIT in the prime days of that community, as well as a handful of other private servers.

(Coming soon)

* pixiedruid [admin]
* HoodRyn [moderator]