July 4, 2017: The Chiptunes = WIN Minecraft server is back!

After a year-long hiatus, our little server has made its return! To celebrate, we will be hosting a group event in the near future, however a date for this event has not yet been decided. Please stay tuned!

Now that we're back, a few things have changed around here...

A Whole New World~
* New world, new everything. This is a complete wipe; No builds or player inventories have been copied over from the old worlds to the new. It's just too much work. I do still have backups of the old worlds though -- if you really, really, really really really feel heartbroken about your work from the previous server (over a year ago) being lost, talk to pixie and maybe we can work something out.
* In previous worlds, the spawn area had warps to distant parts of the world, essentially offering four different spawn points for players who wanted to start in a different environment from each other. However, this time, there are no cardinal warp areas, just a single central spawn. Optional cardinal warp areas might be added later if there's a need or much request for it.
*For a throwback, this new world uses the same world seed as the very first world used on the server (the one with the mountains at spawn), although different custom terrain generator settings are being used this time, so things are going to look a little different. But head south-southeast from the spawn island and you may see some familiar-looking terrain.
*Roguelike Dungeons!

For anyone who's unfamiliar with the Roguelike Dungeons mod for Minecraft, it does exactly what it sounds like: generates large underground dungeon structures which have a procedurally generated layout and loot. There are a few such dungeons that have been pre-generated in our world, about 8 or 9 in total, all within a 1km radius around spawn. However, because this is a clientside mod that isn't compatible with the server API that we're using, the mod isn't active on our server, and those pre-generated dungeons are the only ones you're going to find!

Donations and Subscriptions
* Donator status from the previous server will be honored on the new server. If you donated two years ago, you'll still be marked as a donator now.
* There are now only two donator ranks, instead of the previous 4-tiered system. The perks of the new standard donor tier is essentially an average of the previous tiers. You might have some new perks, or you might be missing some old ones, but overall this change is more beneficial than detrimental. There is also a new VIP donor rank, for players who choose to donate $50 or more.